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History for Education

Students choose from compulsory and elective subjects those forming them in the field but also subjects developing their field competences. The aim is to prepare the B.A. graduates acquainted with the field of history who are capable of searching within historical sources ranging from the Czech Middle Ages to contemporary Czech (Czechoslovak) history and who can critically use the findings for further work. Another aim of the future B.A. graduates of History for Education is the knowledge of profile specialized literature in individual periods and the ability to work with its electronical shape.

The graduates of the study programme will be acquainted with the basic methods and practical skills of historian´s work. They will use their language competences and abilities to work with foreign language specialized literature (active knowledge of two foreign languages assumed). They will apply their skills in the field of information and communication technologies with the ability to use them creatively. The programme will provide the graduates with the skills and competences they need to continue the studies in the Follow-up Teaching Master’s Study Programme.

The crucial part of psychosocial skills is the ability of assertive communication with colleagues and pupils or students in lower-secondary and secondary levels. The graduates can apply their knowledge of rhetoric, communication, psychology and pedagogy.

The important working area of the graduates in the Follow-up Teaching Master’s Study Programme will be education.  Students with B.A. degree can find a vacancy in culture institutions, state or private regional or state organizations, specializing in non-pedagogical positions in schools or specialized institutions.

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